including BOM, Worcester, capacity planning and costing, Specifically built for small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers, Dynamics 365 software brings critical business processes together within a single, robust ERP system. From quoting to shipping and everything in between, it offers real-time visibility into every facet of the business and helps streamline processes to reduce costs and boost profitability.

We can assist customers are rapidly exploiting the digital era. Smart factory and Industry technologies offer the opportunity to design innovative products faster, improve efficiencies and sustainability, and manage supply chains and value networks more effectively. We can assist in integrating RF and production line data capture options to build production and quality management work from shopfloor.

Engineering and Workshops

We work with partner to setup and implement ETO to improve the engineer-to-order capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Through the experience of working with engineer-to-order manufacturers on their ERP projects, we have developed a deep understanding of the unique ERP needs of ETO manufacturers.  We have combined our manufacturing knowledge and our extensive experience with Dynamics 365 Business Central to develop a unique add-on for Engineer-to-order.  This drastically expands the ETO capabilities of Business Central, giving ETO manufacturers a solid and reliable ERP solution. More complex level solution also available with Dynamics 365 Project Services Automation, Field Services and Protect Accounting modules .

Functionalities available:

  • Estimating/Tendering on a project
  • Management of off-cuts i.e stock item which can be reused and return to store.  Same item code but could be using vairants.
  • Time collection integration with the workshop floor via a Bar coding. employees will record their time against the job via a time collection solution which in turn is integrated with Nav Job costing or manufacturing.
  • Allocation of overhead on projects based on amount or %
  • Invoicing on job based on agreed billing scheduled or as per QS certification for job delivered.

Retail and eCommerce (MS)

Engage customers across channels

Give your customers the option to purchase when, how, and where they want—on any device—by delivering a frictionless and consistent engagement across online and offline channels.

Build loyalty and exceed expectations

See a comprehensive view of each customer on a unified commerce platform, respond to their needs at every level of engagement, and foster lasting relationships through intelligent tools that strengthen your brand.

Get everything to build and run digital commerce

Grow your business with an end-to-end commerce solution that scales to your needs across both traditional e-commerce and emerging channels.

Streamline and optimise your retail operations

Create personalised, friction-free commerce experiences and integrated, optimised back-office operations through ingrained and pervasive AI and machine learning.

Get the flexibility and security you need

Meet your operational requirements with flexible deployment options along with a configurable and scalable platform that adheres to global compliance and security standards.

Training Colleges and Universities

We assist RTO and training organisations with MS Dynamics CRM and RTO Modules related solutions:

  • Create and track Enrolment Applications and sales staff performance to quantify and manage your progress.
  • Direct online enrolments from your website into one system for quick turnarounds.
  • Centralise your communication logs for all departments.
  • Track and measure prospective clients against actual clients.
  • Send bulk emails or SMS for overdue fees, student academic progress
  • Capture your AVETMISS student data requirements with confidence for State and National Submissions.
  • Portals for Students, teachers, and admin.
  • Integrate your Student & Employer surveys and Competency Completion counts in one automated system.

The RTO Software difference: insightful analysis and integrations

There are several RTO software vendors who can help with your student data for AVETMISS and Competency Completions. Our speciality is integration of departments and RTO compliance requirements management in one system and understanding a Australian college’s requirements and needs.

Experts with Compliance Data Management

We work extensively with our Local RTO clients to fully understand their workflows, business and compliance requirements. We identify how they can improve their workflows and processes in both our software and the use of our Virtual Administration service. Where appropriate we improve the software’s functionality to update and extend compliance management.

3PL, Warehousing, & Transportation

We provide a complete turn-key solution including including integration to EDI, RF and Bar-coding solutions for 3PL warehousing and transpiration companies. This would be additional setup and config to turn on the 3PL and Logistics Modules of MS Dyanmics 365.

Key Benefits of Dynamics’ Warehousing Modules:

Dynamics 365 offers a feature rich solution to automate, streamline and verify all your in-warehouse and 3PL processes. From the receiving dock to the shipping dock, Warehouse Edge tracks every movement of stock into, out of and within the warehouse, maximising efficiency and accuracy and maintaining up to the minute inventory data. We work with network of partners to build and setup the right solution for your size of business.

Several key features of Dynamics Warehouse and Advance Warehousing options are:

  • Paperless Warehousing
  • High Paced and Volume Pick & Pack
  • Barcode Verification & Labelling
  • One Step Put-Away to Bins
  • Stock Immediately Available for Picking
  • Tracking of Serial Number and Lots
  • FIFO Stock Rotation
  • Tracking of Both Picking & Overstock
  • Stock Control & Cycle Counts
  • Integration to multi-carrier shipping systems and EDI
  • Pallet and Lot labelling, SSCC, ASN
  • Warehousing Module in D365 Business Central
  • Warehousing Modules in D365 Operations (AX)
  • Integration with External Systems, EDI and BI
  • ASN Receiving
  • Picking & packing
  • RFID, Barcoding, RF Devices/ PDT, and Label Printing